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The Maybenauts


The Maybenauts Live at the Double Door Chicago IL


Grammy In The Schools Career Day Presented by The Gibson Foundation & Columbia College Chicago Photos by Matt Ginger The GRAMMY Foundation® was established in 1989 to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of recorded music to American culture — from the artistic and technical legends of the past to the still […]

Daara J


Daara J N’Dongo D, Aladji Man, and Faada Freddy “We tell of peace and how we can live together because there are lots of conflicts going on nowadays. We’re here on behalf of the Africans to remind everybody that it shouldn’t be like that. There’s always a solution. Rather than fussing and fighting we should […]

Rocky Dawuni


Ibrahim Maalouf


MYSPACE Ibrahim Maalouf is the son of trumpeter Nassim Maalouf and pianist Nada Maalouf, a nephew of the writer Amin Maalouf, and the grandson of journalist, poet and musicologist Rushdi Maalouf. He is currently the only trumpet player in the world to play Arabic music with the trumpet in fourth tones, which his father invented […]



It’s become pretty well known and by now, and indeed is often remarked upon, that Will Holland works damn hard. Works damn hard, has put a lot of records out, and is still damn young. Of course, when you really consider that for someone in their mid twenties to be, in 2006, releasing what is […]

Dan Barron


Dan Barron has been an acoustic singer/ songwriter for 9 years. He has composed 6 albums in studio and independently. He has played over 200 live shows throughout his career. He has written over 150 original songs and can play over 100 cover songs VISIT SITE