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1997 W/ chimera twilight, a lull, venna
will be playing their new album, notes from underground, from beginning to end with a little help from guest musicians.


Sunday Night Space Out Live @ Empty Bottle August 23, 2009 The Empty Bottle 1035 N. Westen Ave Chicago, IL 60622 (773) 276-3600

Photos by Matt Ginger Presented by Betta Promotions! Live @ BEAT KITCHEN BANDS DR MANHATTAN (Record Release!!) TRUMAN & HIS TROPHY VICTORIAN HALLS PICTURE BOOKS

Okay,  I have to admit to being biased since so many of my friends work for OPB, but lets be honest, originally I only knew 3 people there and within 4 days became huge a huge fan of everyone at OPB both personally and professionally.  These are some seriously great folks holding it down up […]



Dublab is my all time favorite online Radio Stations of ALL!.. It’s a “non-profit radio collective, devoted to positive music, arts and culture.”  Before my first cup of coffee I have turned to DUBLAB to start my day and get my creative juices flowing since 1999.  It is the first place I turn and is […]



Pig Radio is on my shortlist of favorite online radio stations. Listen Now: Broadband – Modem – Behind Firewall

photos by Matt Ginger