ThinkArt™ is a contemporary art salon featuring established and emerging artists both Chicago-based and internationally  celebrated. Built on the legacy of the café society, famous in the late 19th and early 20th centuries for gathering artists and intellectuals of the day, ThinkArt creates a provocative environment for the exchange of ideas in a digital world. Launched in 2006 by Laurie R. Glenn, the salon creates an intimate and accessible way to appreciate art and to provoke patrons to expand their knowledge of art through discussion, music, poetry readings, and examination.  Exhibitions called Aparté™(s) are often held in private residences, as well as galleries and public spaces.

In French, Aparté means “something that is apart.” In English, it plays on the phrase “art and a party in an apartment.” It moves art from the canvas to a dialogue between people about art. The concept has already taken root in other parts of the country, including New York and California, and reflects the growing trend to host exhibitions in homes; evoking the origins of the salon.

“The dialogue that emerges in a salon environment allows us to understand our joint humanity,” Glenn says, “We are trying to create something different than the traditional art gallery experience.  Our goal is to have people experience a larger vision of the world through our presentation of art from around the world.”

The first Aparté™ was held at a private residence in Chicago 2005, in partnership with the Paris-based Friedland Rivault Gallery.  In June 2006, ThinkArt™ presented Aparté II, featuring artists from Chicago, Paris, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, and Argentina.  Aparté II was presented in conjunction with the well-known Paris-based print house, Atelier Pasnic.  Other sponsors and partners included The French Cultural Services of Chicago, The Alliance Française de Chicago, and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprise, Inc.

Recently, ThinkArt™ brought its  modern day art salon to a new location in the art infused Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago.  ThinkArt™ is a member of the Wicker Park-Bucktown Gallery Association and participates in the Second Saturday Gallery Walks.  In 2007, ThinkArt participated in the Bridge Art Fair Chicago and “7EVEN”, a June 2007 Aparté™, which presented seven of the salons prominent artists and officially launched ThinkArt™.

Attendees of the ThinkArt™ exhibitions range from collectors, professionals, art patrons, gallery owners, civic and philanthropic leaders, artists, museum board members, and affluent residents of Chicago, its surrounding suburbs, and the world.

Recent exhibitions include Made in France at The Art Center in Highland Park, Art in August at Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago, Aparté I, Aparté II, Holiday Aparté, Iowa Aparté, and Second Saturday Gallery Walk in association with The Wicker Park Bucktown Gallery Association and Around the Coyote.  These programs featured selected works on paper and sculptures by international artists, presenting James Coignard, Hervé Di Rosa, David Gista, Neil Goodman, Michel Haas, David Jansheski, Nicolas Kennett, Fred Kleinberg, Toufik Medijamia, Florent Moutti, Todd Narbey, Ed Paschke, Jean-Pierre Pincemin, Ricardo Ramirez, Emmanuelle Renard, Monique Tello, Antonio Segui, and Francois Weil.


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