Cut loose for a spell and find your Funk Soul. Get a grip of your Funky powers, grab your Bop Gun and don’t forget your Flash Light!

It may frighten you at first, returning to the deep cut grooves not seen since the landing of the Mothership c1975. Who is a Lockboxx? What is a Lockboxx?

Funk upon a time, Dr. Funkenstein laid down the concept of a specially designed Lockboxx on Man Child. With the knowlege that the funk cannot be stopped nor contained this Lockboxx was to be made of pure Funk and nuthin but the Funk. Dr. Funkenstein’s predecessors had encoded the secrets of Funk in the Pyramids because humanity wasn’t ready for its existence until the modern era. The titular “clones” are the Children of Productions whose job is to ensure that everyone is on the One. This Lockboxx, being made of and containing pure Funk and nuthin but the Funk held the secrets of the funk until a more positive attitude towards the most scared phenomenon could be unlocked. The Lockboxx is much more than a vehicle of Funk deliverance, but you will have to let them do it to you in your earhole and hear for yourself. Remember, Funk is its own reward!
LABEL: Character Records


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